Materials: Hot-dip galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, etc.
Used For: Widely used as a plaster backing on ceilings, walls and stud partitions. Rib Lath is also ideal for refurbishing damaged or aged masonry walls when a key for rendering is not certain due to disintegration or softening of the wall face.











Rib height


Rib distance


YK21 0.21 1.70 450 2200 14-20 90
YK23 0.23 1.90 450 2200 14-20 90
YK30 0.30 2.48 450 2200 14-20 90
YK35 0.35 2.90 450 2200 14-20 90
YK40 0.40 3.30 450 2200 14-20 90
YK45 0.45 3.70 450 2200 14-20 90
YK50 0.50 4.10 450 2200 14-20 90



 rib lath

Because its meshes and U patterns,it has better antistress capability and forming flexibility than normal metal lath. This product has excellent engineering quality,construction security and widely used in tunnels bridges,valve basement systerms,sewage systerms, subways,retaining walls,nuclear power plants,shipyards,water poois and marine engineering works and high rise building projects and non-regular or bending pattern etc. as concrete permanent assembly-free formwork.

The Usage of Rib lath

Used as fire wall in high and low residential building.

Used to construct partition.

Used as floor slab or partition wall.

Used as inside and outside wall and enclosure of the permanent house.

Used in protection against the tide.

Used in tunnel, sewer and fence.

Used in shipyard and retaining wall.

Used as panel and arch floor

Used in nuclear power plant,storage bunker, etc.

Used in special projects, such as, landscaping, sculpture,etc.

Used in slope protection, claybank,etc.





  • Rib Lath must be fixed with the apexes of the ribs in contact with the support or the backing.
  • Rib Lath should be lapped at the sides wire tied at intervals not exceeding 150mm.
  • At the ends of the sheets, the Rib Lath should be overlapped with at least 100mm (4”).


  • For steel beams, wire ties are needed.
  • For timber joists, the rib lath can be secured by fixing nails through the rib.
  • For concrete beams, it is recommended to cast a timber-nailing strip to accept nails.


Nails or wire ties to secure the rib lath.



Packaging & Shipping

 500pcs or 600pcs or 750pcs per pallet, pallet with plastic film and steel belt.

Also could do as customers' requirment.



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